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The Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) with the UK

The Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) with the UK

Your country’s agreement with the United Kingdom regarding double taxation, known as Double Tax Treaty, Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) or Double Taxation Convention is one of the most important legal bases describing how a company registered by a non-UK...

Running a business as a Digital Nomad in Estonia and the UK

In this article we would like to present and compare two jurisdictions commonly chosen by digital nomads as the place of incorporation of their limited companies. Why limited companies? Because these are entities independent of their owners or directors,...

Types of Business to Run as a Limited Company

A limited company is a kind business structure in the United Kingdom which can offer a lot in comparison to running a business in your country. However, not every type of business can benefit from this legal entity.    Which types of business can operate in the UK...

6 Reasons for Registering Business in the UK

There are many reasons why you may benefit from moving your business to the UK. This article focuses mainly on the advantages of creating LTD companies. If you are not sure if this solution is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you choose...

LTD Company or Sole Trader – What to choose?

A sole-trader or a LTD company are the two most popular methods of doing business in the UK - but which type is the right choice for you. In this article we can help you decide! A sole-trader in the UK Being self-employed (sole-trader) in the UK requires you to have a...

National insurance in the United Kingdom – 2019/20 tax year

In this article we will go through how national insurance works in the UK and how you can receive income totally tax free!  Directors of limited companies are classed as employees and therefore must pay national insurance in the UK (In the Class 1 National insurance...

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